Vcvrack for iOS!

Yes hello. I know this topic has already been talked about in length, but I wish to throw my coin into the fountain for it either way. At present there is only the lackluster competition which isn’t an enjoyable platform, to use.

Nowadays with things like logic on iPad, it would be incredible to have access to my vcvrack instrument patches there. I could see it being magnificent.

Thank you.

The most basic technical issue is that Apple makes it nearly impossible for apps to host plugins, except for extension points like Audio Unit that Apple fully controls. This is antithetical to Rack which is all about an open ecosystem of plugin modules.

There are likely many other issues at play, both philosophical and technical, but this alone is enough to prevent it from being a reality.

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It could presumably be ported to Android, but Android is pretty bad with audio in general. And it runs on machines with limited graphics and cpu bandwidth, compared to desktops & laptops.

Like the UI/UX not at all being suitable for touch control.

You’re going to have a bad time if you can’t actually create a patch :thinking:

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There has been talk that the ui ux piece (which is coding not hardware limitation as i understand it.) will not be developed until touch is a mainstream feature of laptops. (Or something to that effect.) though many would love to see multitouch and other features implemented that would make a touchscreen workflow far more useable, i believe vcv just doesn’t want to develop for that.

I have two laptops with multitouch display, but to be honest I never use it and there is barely software support for it anyway.

We are looking to add multitouch support for plugdata, but it’s definitely a low priority.

I can imagine that targeting such a niche that only a very small minority of users would use does not have any priority. (and since PRs to add such features are not accepted it all depends on the priorities of one dev)


Yes I’m happy to see responses to this even ones explaining its unlikelihood .

I still want to insist though that there is a McVCVrack that does offer this. Which serves if anything as a proof of concept. It prevents denial of its possibility. As for philosophical issues, there’s nothing stopping me from thinking that philosophy really means personal interest here (which is fine), and like any good layman I am not phased by technical issues that are in the way and see only the ability for it to exist. Meanwhile an alternative does exist, but it’s a bit like seeing the suitors pecking at Odysseus’ wife while he makes his way home.

Thank you for the good times making music.

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