VCV2 Patch Crash

hello dear friends of music. my latest project seems to be broken. I saved the patch, wanted to look up something about the jooper module in another patch, and then open my new project again. vcv cannot open it. and open the file as json in the text editor does not work either.

I am sure that it is related to the following modules: <<NYSTH → Jooper → Janneker <<boogaudio → 8mute → Addr-seq

or the Arppegiator: scanner-darkly-collection-one from SDOrcasHeart → this one

i tried to delete the autosave folder + the patch.jason file and the complete pluginfolder. restart vcv, reinstall all plugins.

it can´t still open my patch.

a reinstallation of vcvrack2 do not help.

if you can help me i would give you the file via dropbox, since i am a new user i am not allowed to upload anything here.

I may suppose that the problem comes from Orca’s Heart used in your patch - at least so far it always crashes VCV after re-opening of any patch saved with it before (I already tried to inform the author of Orca’s Heart about it)


Orca’s Heart does the same for me. Just removed it from my plugins.

i removed it too (now), but the patch is still broken

Can confirm, Orcas Heart seems to be broken.

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after removing the arp from my library, the patch is still broken. do you think a fix from the developrs can help me?

i hope so

Anything can happen in this wonderful world :wink:

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Alright, it seem to be working now. i delete this on speciale modul (scanner-darkly-collection-one from SDOrcasHeart) manually. i open my patch, recived a error massage of a missing modul but its working again ^^

Thanks for youre time

have a nice day


sorry for the trouble - the bug in orca’s heart has now been fixed. if you don’t want to wait for the new version to appear in the library you can grab the build here: update version · scanner-darkly/vcv-collection-one@70a282a · GitHub

2.0.4 is the version number with the bug fixed.


wow thats really great, thak you a lot my friend

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the version 2.0.4 (that includes the bugfix) is now available in the library! it also includes some minor improvements (better labels and stepped controls for some of the parameters).