VCV2 Crashes Ableton

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well!

I wanted to touch upon my usage of VCV2 within Ableton. For the most part, I am really enjoying the extended creative workflow and endless possibilities that come with the VST integration of VCV. But I have also been facing a very big issue in regards to crashes which are becoming more frequent, to the point where some of my projects within Ableton have become completely inaccessible. I wonder if there’s anyone else facing the same issue and if so, is there any way to tackle it or do we just have to wait for a couple more updates.

Thank you!

No problems at all here. It may help if you give more detail about what is happening (everything in the project and error messages) when the crashes occur.

So basically, I am running everything on a 2020. M1 MacBook Pro through Live 11. The crashes mostly occur when switching windows, for instance from VCV vst back into Ableton or when trying to close the VST window. There is only the regular crash message from Live, apart from that, no info. I’m not clocking the CPU and everything runs perfectly apart from the seemingly random crashes.

If you haven’t already done so, please send a bug report to and attach any relevant files:

  • your Rack log file (Documents/Rack2/log.txt)
  • your Rack settings file (Documents/Rack2/settings.json)
  • the Ableton crash report
  • your Ableton project

…and anything else that seems relevant.

And if you can give detailed steps on how to reproduce the crash, that would be very gratefully received!

Ableton crashes when scanning vsts everytime I open it. I had to remove vcv dlls from vstplugins directory in order to be able to use Live.

I mean: THIS IS NOT SERIOUS. I,ve got dozens of vst installed and haven’t had any issue being recognized by Live.

Serious work has to be done on the vst version of vcv rack.


I feel vcv pro VST in its current state of development IS A BIG FAIL.


hi Richie! I’ll have a sit today and try to type it app as clearly as possible!

I really enjoy the VST version a lot and if any of the feedback can help, I’ll be glad :slight_smile:

And I ve got THREE software modulars: Softube Modular, Voltage Modular and AAS Multiphonics CV 1 and all of them worked fine and withouth any issue in Ableton from the start.

Open the standalone version. Update all plugins and Rack itself if you are not on 2.0.3b. If you have made a custom template, save another very simple or even empty one.

Then try again in Live. If still getting problems with crashes on launch then remove plugins from Rack’s plugins folder and try again. Start with just Fundamental and Audible and if that’s OK then slowly start adding 3rd party plugins back a few at a time to try and isolate the problem.

A few users have said that opening Standalone and updating everything there has fixed the crash problem they were having with the VST in Live.

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I had same problems until i found a workaround

→ move vcv rack 2 vst (and fx one) dll elsewhere → launch live → change audio engine different as “asio” , like mmx , or nothing → close live → replace dll deleted in original location → launch live → set again after scan successed as asio mode

it works for me ! why ? i don’t know but this recent commit to vcv 2 code might be related Fix hang when initializing Audio module. · VCVRack/Rack@2e45801 · GitHub


:roll_eyes: i`ll try


Helpful, thank you.

I updated Rack and started Ableton Live right away…

Having same issue, I do have latest updated VCV Rack Pro 2.0.3b. What version is this error free ? I think there was a same issue on previous version. Cubase is not problem Ableton just open VCV with black screen on background. Id you close it with red dot on top left side it will close Ableton too. This is weird

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Have the same Problem under 2.0.5. When I open VCV Rack, Ableton goes black with a Screen switch. When I close VCV Rack with the X the the Screen switches back to Ableton. In Bitwig it works perfectly.

Having exactly the same problem in Ableton 10 running a Macbook Air M1. …

Crashes most often when switching windows. This is really bad :expressionless: The paid version needs to become more stable to use vcv power in a live situation…

Also crashes Ableton everytime i have a VCV Rack instance open after updating in standalone.

Did you manage to get it fixed @Kama ?

are you by chance using any of the thousands of free modules, some of which crash?