VCV won't load in FL 20.9

Hello! VCV vst just hangs in FL. The first time was just a red screen, the second time I was able to see the window and the opening tool tip, but got the spinning wheel. I’m on MBP 10.15.7. Rack Pro version 2.0.4. Let me know if there’s any other useful info I can provide!

You need to write to

Install system internals from Microsoft. Use procmon and add filter only for FL. Capture the events and post them as a dmp file or a screenshot of the last events before the crash.

No Microsoft sysinternals for macbooks.

Correct, was too fast to reply. The principle is the same though, there should be some equivalent to strace for Mac.

Yeah, several

But like Lars wrote, VCV - Support

Will do. Thank you!

Still haven’t heard back from support. :pensive: