VCV VST3 - does it send out MIDI notes?

Does VST3 version of VCV send MIDI notes out? I can send out MIDI notes easily with VST2, but when I switch to VST3 and load the same patch, it doesn’t send out the notes…

I’m in latest Live and I have latest Rack. I know VST3 is limiting CC output, but it can send out MIDI notes, right?

You’re right - I can’t get any midi notes from the VST3 in a midi track in Ableton either.

But if I use a VST3 VCV Rack FX on an audio track, and set a midi track up to get midi from that, I get midi notes.


tested something simple in Rack 2.4.1

recording midi, I get the expected in Ableton:

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Jens-Peter, thank you. Quite interesting. As expected, VST3 can send MIDI notes out (Scaler VST3 does, for an example).

Using VCV FX is a useful workaround, thanks for this idea!

But, why would VCV instrument not do it? I guess this is not a limitation of VST3, but MIDI note output is blocked (?) in VCV?

Just FYI, the workaround to use VCV FX VST3 stops working when VCV plugin gets grouped in a rack. I suppose the rack in Ableton blocks MIDI output, so it’s not VCV’s fault, but it makes the workaround less useful, especially if one wants to map VCV parameters to Live Macros and use Variations.

Anyway, I find it strange that VST3 in FX version can output MIDI notes, but VCV instrument can’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do get midi in a midi track, from an audio track Instrument rack containing Rack VST3.

Select the correct midi output as source:

Also, I’ll link this for future travellers. (Ableton: Accessing the MIDI output of a VST plug-in )