VCV VST3 can't send MIDI in Reaper -true or false?

Can anyone confirm or refute my impression that VCV VST3 can’t send out MIDI data via the CV > Midi module? I use Reaper and I can’t get MIDI data out of my patches unless I use VSTi. The VST3 stubbornly fails to send out MIDI down the chain. Which for obvious reasons is a shame. Can’t say if this is specific to Reaper haven’t tested it with another DAW. I read some threads about midi issues, but they talked about ableton and seem to have been resolved.

Am I overlooking something?

’ Which for obvious reasons is a shame’


In audio,there is sometime glitch…

just like in code

You found the solution

Use Vst2 release

Just for example,how many times a 32bit release have worked better than a 64bit release in your plugins?

There is some random in toolchain…humans are not perfect…we are not perfect

And from my experience,An OS reinstall or a hardware change can change things…Completely random sometime

And from my experience,a more confirmed user will give you a better solution

it works. You need to use MIDI → CV

It’s working for me:

The VST3i that’s next in the chain is playing the generated notes.