VCV VST: MIDI map not working in Bitwig

My setup: laptop win 10, bitwig studio 4, VCV VST 2.0.3b, all the latest versions of the plugins, Novation launch control XL, IKMultimedia iRig Keys IO 49. In the standalone version of VCV Midi map works fine, but in the VST version it doesn’t work with windows midi, I have no idea why? Anybody having the same issue? And maybe a solution?

Well I can confirm it’s a “problem”. But it seems to be how Bitwig handles controllers vs keyboards. I have the same software versions, but Komplete Kontrol M32 as a controller.

When M32 is setup as a controller I can not use MIDI MAP, Bitwig seems to block all direct going CC:s except the obvious modulation.

When M32 is setup as a Generic MIDI Keyboard MIDI map works.

I’m not using MIDI Map personally with VCV in Bitwig, since i setup Macro controllers to do the same. I could always use Bitwigs midi learn to assign whatever CC to VCV If I don’t want macro controlls. But then it’s not part of the VCV file if you would want to run it in standalone.