VCV VST / Bitwig : Routing audio in from external source

I’m sequencing an 0-Coast from VCV VST in Bigwig. The outbound MIDI to 0-Coast is working. But getting the audio back into VCV comes through an instance of the Audio-16 module set to my MOTU interface, not to “DAW.” I can see signal happening in VCV but there’s no audio. As a result, I can’t monitor the audio or route the audio elsewhere in Bitwig. I’m pretty sure this is a basic thing I just don’t get about signal flow, particularly with the VST piece involved. (Doing eurorack from Bitwig itself is pretty straightforward; once the VST is involved, I’m not getting it.) Any help, e.g., links to vids or text, would be a bit help. Thanks. …edN PS: this is Mac OS and the latest VCV code.

OK. Apologies for the noise. I forgot to finish the setup of the DAW version of the Audio-16. So, unless I’m still confused: eurorack audio in via Audio-16 as hardware interface; audio out to Bitwig via second Audio-16 as DAW…

If I’m missing something, still looking for clarity. Thanks again. …edN

I just tried more or less the same thing with the digitakt and works like this, the audio passes through into bitwig.

Can you share your patch? Or screenshot it?