VCV VCA-2 module not updated to 2.0+

Noticing that one of my standby modules, the basic VCV VCA-2, hasn’t been included in 2.0+.

Hard to believe it would be more than trivial to update and include it. And if the promise is full backward compatibility, shouldn’t it be available? It’s useful, including two VCA’s with lin/log response.

Also, while I’m on the subject, if the old LFO had 2 VC inputs, the new one should as well. Again, backward compatibility. I’ve used both VC inputs in things I do all the time.


It’s still there. If you load a patch containing it it will appear. You can edit the fundamental plugin.json so it’ll appear in the modules browser:

  "slug": "VCA",
  "name": "VCA-2",
  "description": "2-channel voltage-controlled amplifier",
  "tags": [
  "hidden": true

Just change “hidden”: true to “hidden”: false

Same with UNITY.

No idea why they chose to hide them.


So odd. But thanks!

Andrew has stated that the missing modules don’t really add any functionality that isn’t covered by the others, and I think he felt new users were confused by the availability of redundant modules.

I think I agree as far as the VCA-2; The VCA and VCA MIX have that covered.

But I truly miss the dual normal and inverted outputs of the UNITY mixer. The new MIX can only output one or the other. I frequently need both, and I want them to be in sync down to the sample level. So with V2 I must first mix signals with MIX or VCA MIX, and then patch the mix output to an 8VERT where I can get both normal and inverted, or patch the mix output to two MIX with one inverted and the other not. It works, but I miss the convenience of an all in one module, plus I prefer not to have the extra sample delay.

As I stated, UNITY is still present. I use it often.

Yes, yes, but I think the intent was to deprecate the module, basically discouraging people from using it, while still making it available to old patches, (or intrepid users such as yourself that really want to use the old module with new V2 patches) I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappeared entirely from a future release (pure speculation on my part)

I know I could continue to use UNITY, but I don’t think it can be considered “vanilla” VCV anymore, and I often try to stick within that domain, purely from a philosophical standpoint.

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I’d say the VCA and VCA Mix don’t have it covered. The single VCA at least has a hidden rightclick option of exponential response but the VCA Mix has only linear with no expo option. I’m glad to know at least the VCA-2 can be unhidden. I hope it won’t be phased out.

(Doepfer doesn’t seem hurt by offering a panoply of VCA options A-100 Overview (A-13X modules). Can’t imagine confusion being a problem with VCV’s modules either.)

I use whatever fits best for what I want to get done :slight_smile: