Vcv totally crashes my laptop


I hope I can find some help for this issue.

I have a brand new laptop (Ryzen R9 4900 / 32gb RAM / GTX 1080) and everytime i play around with vcv, my laptop crashes.

I did a video.

What it basically happens is that after a while the sound freezes and goes into a lop and there is no way to shut it down (you can see from the video I try to remove the mixer and the output module. Not even closing vcv stops the sound): the only way to stop the sound is to restart the pc. What is worst is the most of the time windows freezes as well so all I can do it is to brutally shut down window.

I have this behaviour always, I have never being able to use vcv for more than 10 minutes I would say. Anything else on my laptop run with no problem, vcv is the only thing that gives me this issue.

Why should I do? I can do more video if needed.

Any help would be much appreciated, this is the only laptop I have and this problem is critical for me.


This could be an audio driver problem. Apart from DAWs, VCV is one of the few programs that employs ASIO for audio output and input and I noticed that some drivers for audio interfaces do not play nice. In ASIO. For instance, I have a focusrite and a mackie mixer and I ended up having to use the output USB interface in the mackie instead of the output of the focusrite, because the combo I had planned simply crashed and froze too much, especially in ASIO mode.

Try using different output modes (DirectSound instead of ASIO) and possibly output device if you have more than one.

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FWIW, I run on a recent Ryzen laptop and it works well with Rack. I also agree the first place to look is the audio driver. I can’t see which you’re using. I use WASAPI. Which Windows update are you on?

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Hi. Thanks for your help. I do believe indeed it is a audio driver problem. However, I am not so familiar with the matter. So I am not sure how to do what you suggest, that is, to use a different audio output (DirectsSound instead of ASIO). How do I do that? I thought it was some setting in vcv but cloud not find any type of setting. Same, I can’t change it in Windows setting, I only have 1 option that is realtek. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks!!! :pray::pray::pray:

Click on the top line of the audio module. A menu appears like this

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Hi. Thanks for you answer. I am using Realtek and the driver are up to date. I am on windows 10 and I did all the security update and I am on 21H1. Should I try this WASAPI you mentioned? Thanks! :pray:

Wow. Totally missed it. I will try this asap. Thanks again.

Hi. Changing the output did the trick. I am a noob on vcv I totally missed that setting. I thought something was wrong at lower level with my laptop. Thanks both for helping me on this!