VCV Spectra: alternative frequencies?


Just added VCV Spectra to my library. I love fixed bandpass filterbanks - I’ve got a Frap Tools Fumana in my modular system - and think they can add an incredible amount of movement to any patch when modulated or in transfer mode.

What I wanted to ask: would it be difficult/possible to add for instance the Bark Scale (like on the Verbos Bark Filter) as a third option in a future update?

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… also for feature requests.

Thanks for the suggestion - done - but what do other Spectra users think about this idea?

I have Spectra, this would be cool. What would be even better is if you could right click and enter an exact custom frequency for each band. You can do this on Bogaudio PEQ-14, then patch noise or feedback through it and get chords in any scale you want.

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