VCV Soundmachines & Touch OSC

Hello fellow VCV people,

After a long time user of VCV rack i started a video series with the concept of building soundmachines/synthesizers in VCV rack and conecting them to a touch osc interface to play them. It is part of my thoughts about how to restrict myself with the sheer amoumt of possibilities in VCV. To say I’m far away of an expert, I’m only a music enthusiast with modular/eurorack background and a lot of joy in learning more and more every day about how to make music. So this series is not to see as a tutorial, it is more a journey to develop devices who stand for themselves and work on there own and at the end function as tools to express your emotions/feelings and so on into music. Like I said one of the main goals of the series is also develop interfaces for the machines, as at least for me, the interface is a hige part pf a synthesizer and how you interact with it. As well it is great to develop the interface at zhe same time as you build the synthesizer, so that you can interact with it at every point of the developing stage. You find errors and mistakes on the way more easily or find new intuative ways to design your instrument.

At the end I release the compelted vcv patch and touch osc template and encourage everyone to use it for free or even better develope it further and correct my mistakes.

The first soundmachine I’m developing is based around granular concepts, as well as delays and loopings as soundscaping tools.

So enough talking, jere is the link to the first episode. I hope you can enjoy and please give me feedback what you think and most important critize on my mistakes and what can be better developed.

Greetings Frank :slight_smile:

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