VCV Seq3: Chaining for more than 8 steps.

I believe I have conquered chaining seq3’s to get more than 8 steps as well as adding rhythm and rests (without using up a step). where is the most appropriate place to post info on this?

Post away, I’ll move the thread to #plugins

posting this in 2 steps: first step rythm and rests

Rhythm: this is accomplished by using an LFO for the clock and modulating its frequency. I chose row 3 for this and applied it to FM1. Low voltage applied to fm 1 keeps the clock slow while higher voltages speed up the clock. Changing Fm1 setting messes with the relationships between note times so I set mine at 50 and use the Freq to speed up or slow down the note sequence speed.

Rests: the lfo clock ( same as the built in clock ) produces a square wave. This is routed to the Gate out so evey note will be on half the time and off half the time. This can be adjusted with ADSR release. I chose to manage it by manipulating the pulse width of the clock by applying voltage to PWM from row 2. lower voltages allow for audio gaps after the note which can be timed for rests.

see attached patch

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