VCV Scope Resolution?

When I have a sufficiently fast signal (in this case 106bpm * 12 = 21.2hz triggers) and a sufficiently wide window (129.41 ms/div) VCV Scope seems to drop triggers / leave them undrawn. This appears to be independent of engine sample rate & frame rate.

I poked at the code for the module for a while this morning but am not particularly familiar with either C++ or the VCV dependencies so my trial-and-error didn’t end up illuminating much.

I’m wondering if this is something about the limitations of my hardware or if this is a limitation of VCV or of this plugin in particular. Does anyone know?

(Also I hope this is in the correct topic. Was thinking of putting it in development but not sure forking this module is entirely what I want to do at the moment.)

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Try the submarine storage scope, and some of their other stuff, too. You can zoom in on the storage scope. Yes, the vcv one isn’t good for looking at really fast stuff.


Yup, it’s always been that way for me, about 30%-70% of triggers get dropped in all scopes, and it’s always been somewhat annoying. Suspect it’s maybe got something to do with the Rack primitives being used to detect the trigger.