VCV: Scalar Tutorial

The first goal on my Patreon page was exploring an official VCV Rack module, and the module that my Patrons chose was Scalar. I already made a live stream about Scalar, but here is a closer look at it and at all of its features. Scalar is a quantizer that can quantize up to 4 different CV sources, and I really like its humanizing features like reducing the quantization depth and even adding random error to the quantized notes. Things get really juicy also when modulating those parameters with an audio rate signal…


And a goal you achieved very well. When I first downloaded VCV Rack, I had just been watching another synthesizer artist working with another quantizer “Ornament and Crime” and was amazed at how much a single mod could do. The Scalar looked to be the best virtual mod to use in its place and it has turned out to be very similar in the functions available. Your instruction on the capabilities of Scalar and how it interacts with other mods has been a blessing to me. We in the west have been impoverished in our understanding of the scales available to create music. You have helped provide the understanding of quantization which makes the transition into new scales seamless. Thank you for both of these informative videos. Don aka AriKona (another mycologist as well :mushroom:).


Hey Don!
Thanks so much! I’m happy you enjoyed this one :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, really useful :slight_smile:

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