VCV running on Percussa SSP (Eurorack)

just a bit of fun for now… took quite a bit of effort to get things up n’ running, but I think its got some possibilities :slight_smile:


Nice! ARM or Pi based?

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SSP uses a cortex A17 - Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP)

custom board with onboard codec supporting 16 in/8 out (all dc coupled :slight_smile: ) running linux.

I chatted with Percussa who gave me access to their buildroot config as a starting point, from there I built a new custom linux setup, got vcv building, made a few minor changes to the vcvrack code… a bit of a faff, but was happy with the result.

my current idea would be to create a few custom vcv rack modules to integrate the encoders/buttons. not a big deal, as Ive written vcv rack modules before, and also written code to integrate with SSP hardware… so its a ‘known thing’

that said, Id kind of like to do a bit deeper integration, so perhaps get the encoders directly mapping to module parameters… or doing something like ‘parameter learn’, though that I guess means modifying a bit more vcv code…

but lets see… really it was an experiment to see if it was viable, what was involved, and what the performance would be like.


That’s awesome. I’d buy a percussa if vcv ran on it.

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ok, so I couldn’t mention this before…

however, Ive also been working on the brand new Percussa XMX. a kind of mini SSP, with a much lower price… introductory price $499

as for tech detail, press release is here:

as you can see with a quad core ARM Cortex A35 CPU @ 1.3GHz , its a pretty powerful beast.

obviously my primary focus for release was creating its own virtual modular based around my ssp plugins.

however, once the dusts settles, Im wondering about investigating the vcv possibilities, as I did with the SSP.

ofc, with the much smaller UI, id not attempt to render the full vcv rack… esp given limited ram…

rather Id have to render the UI in a different way with a custom ui, which Id already been wondering about with the SSP.

I dont know… but after the experimentations on the SSP, and once I received this unit, my mind did rather start racing with possibilities :slight_smile: