VCV Recorder Video vs Audio Rate Difference

I tried recording a video whilst recording audio in Reaper (I have tracks added in to the audio that I wanted to capture) but found they didn’t sync. The video seems to be recorded at a higher speed.

I tried the basics, recording video and audio in VCV Recorder, and the video stops early with the audio still playing, so it is recording at a different rate.

So I went right back to basics, one LFO pulsing an FM-OP and recorded that, and it very quickly goes visually out of sync.

Any ideas how to influence this? Maybe set up different codecs on my machine (Windoze)?

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maybe try OBS to record the screen video.


I’ll give it a go, thanks. I am pretty sure it’s a graphics card limitation with the VCV Recorder (I am running with an embarrassingly old system). I dropped the frame rate to minimum and my simple test patch worked fine. But on the same settings with the full patch, no good. I’ll see if OBS has the same limitation.

Great shout on OBS. Thanks. Got the video synching up with my ‘drips’ perfectly now, and the quality is still very good. No loss of audio either.

Good for you. You can also try out the built-in “Xbox Game Bar”. It’s probably a lot lighter on the CPU than OBS.

Video card won’t support it! I said it was old. 512MB :rofl:. I’ve just ordered a new card (it’s been on my todo list for a while) so I’ll see what happens with that.

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