VCV Recorder v1.1.0 released

VCV Recorder v1.1.0 is released, adding the Opus audio format, bitrate settings for video, and H.264/AAC encoding (although this requires building from source because I can’t pay a $0.20 patent fee per download for a free software product). See the changelog.


Thanks very much. Especially for H.264 encoding. Saves me a lot of hassle.

Would x264 possibly be a future option?


Wow nice, it means if used H.264/AAC, the file output more small size?

It is already an option, but you have to build the plugin from source with an environment variable set.

H.264 looks a lot better than MPEG-2 with the same bitrate, which means you’ll reduce storage space and disk bandwidth while recording at lower bitrates. Both H.264 and MPEG-2 are accepted by all major websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and video editing software like DaVinci Resolve.

There’s virtually no reason to record AAC audio (.m4a), but I just added the option for fun. MP3 works fine for most people’s purposes.

Oh, my, that sounds like the gangsters at MPEG LA are still up their old tricks.

MPEG-LA is a patent pool organization and only gets a fraction of the patent fee, passing on the rest to the patent holders.

Yes. I have heard that MPEG LA pools about 6000 patents on MPEG video. Out of maybe 20,000 patents on MPEG video. Although that info/rumor is perhaps 20 years old.

Here’s the list for H.264.

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Need some help with this 264 blackmagicfuckery. I already have the previous recorder “installed” (I’m subscribed to it in the library and it’s in my local module browser). Do I need to unsubscribe to that? Also, I’ve downloaded and installed NASM per the github page and downloaded the source .zip. Now the NASM documentation has me lost in a sea of buzzwords like macho magic elves. I’ve inspected the download files and it looks like what I’m trying to do is compile c++ and inspecting current file folders under the plugins directory it looks like what I’m looking for as output is dll(s) and res(ource?) files like svgs for graphics, etc. but I’m stuck now. Can I get some help, please?

Besides NASM, you will need a complete C++ toolchain and the Rack SDK for building from source. The Recorder readme doesn’t mention that because it is assumed you already have all that installed and working.

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Oh god. Yeah not today :yum: I’ll put it on my list of projects for when I’m not feeling particularly creative, haha. Thanks, though! Incidentally, will it be worth it? I’m finding that hiccups during recording are getting worse lately using OBS.

I don’t know, I am not really feeling like attempting to build Recorder from source myself, either… :wink:

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I’ve removed Opus support from the VCV Recorder v1 branch, so most users having build problems should be able to re-build without issues now.