VCV Recorder: Audio stops recording

Trying to figure out how I can record VCV desktop video with audio using VCV Record module. It records Mpg. video but audio drops out after a few seconds. Have tried different bit rates. Using this as alternative to ishowu audio capture which created noise overtime I tried to record QT video.

You might want to try Obs Studio, it works quite well to record Vcv rack :slight_smile: I record all my videos with it

If you listen/watch to the audio/video file, it will have no dropouts/hiccups, as that would be impossible.

For me video seems to record but audio cuts out after 10 seconds. Monitoring is also very choppy when recording to the point of unusable for live tweaking.
Just spent most of the day trying to work out a solution.

IMac 27in 4gb graphics card 8gb ram. Komplete audio 6.

Can you post a video recorded with VCV Recorder of the audio cutting out after 10 seconds?

I’ve narrowed it down to a quicktime issue. I uploaded the video but it plays fine on youtube but not with quicktime on my desktop. Installed vlc and that also works as expected. It’s a mystery for sure.

That’s not a recording by VCV Recorder. This is apparent because Recorder doesn’t record anything outside the Rack window.

No this is me recording through loopback to show you what happens with vcv recorder so you have a visual reference of what’s happening on my system, if I just use vcv recorder on it’s own the same thing happens. I thought it might be helpful.

I’m well aware that Recorder affects real-time playback. You can find about 100 other posts about it. But solving this issue is not a goal at the moment. The purpose of Recorder is to record a perfect recording of your patch that you can publish. I’ll have to find a free afternoon to improve real-time playback, but it’s not a priority.

Sorry I was just trying to be helpful, the quicktime issue stands. I’ll delete the post

Then don’t use Quicktime if it has issues.

I won’t now I’ve found a possible issue for the post topic. I feel like I’ve done something wrong when all I was trying to do was help.

Anyway I have other solutions now, I understand how hard it is to keep a project this big ticking over, I wish you well with your project.

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I did and yes OBS worked to make a video of VCV on the desktop though there was no way to hear audio as it was recording. No audio dropout except a very short instance.

Oh weird… I can always hear when i use it… Maybe you have an option ticked in the parameters, or something like that :slight_smile: