VCV Rcorder captutures no visual

*doesn’t show “MP4” choice *when recorded in MP2 mode, visual is not recorded (only sound can be heard with black visual)

please report to the support email.

i did thank you!

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What are you using to view the mpeg2 file? Mpeg2 files are quite large (compared to an MP4) and windows media player (assuming you are using windows) sometimes can’t open the file properly, only playing the audio. Try using VLC media player, which works very well, and you can use it to convert to an MP4 if you need to. VCV does not have the option to record to MP4. It’s always been like this.

Not even when building from source?

That would explain some of the struggles I am having.

You do have a point, in V1 it worked if you build it from source apparently, but I’m not sure about V2. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never built it from source. It’s off by default. Something to do with licencing, iirc.


??? I don’t understand this, when I record MP2 I have sound and vision,

here Win11 VCV 2.1.2

I’ve pulled t in to other programs and transcoded to mp4 before…