VCV Rack works but I get a set of modules installed that I didn't ask for

Downloaded the new 2.0 installer and the app installs just fine and runs ok too.

The only thing is that when I sign into the Library Rack checks for updates and wants to install all the Frozen Wastelands modules. They are not showing up as installed in the web library so I can’t uninstall them.

I also now can’t install the modules I do want to play around with. The modules can be selected on the website but don’t show up in Rack.

Tried re-installing Rack, removing the Rack2 Folder in Documents and nothing is working.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 - Rack 2.0.1 Free

Are you sure you are signed in with the same account on Rack as on the library website?


Yup… As far as I know I am…

Yes that was the problem - Logged in with my other email and for some reason it still logs me on…

This was the best trouble shooting I’ve ever seen, what made you think he signed in under a different account ?

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I guess it just seemed the most obvious match to the symptoms.

Nobody else seems to have reported a similar problem. The only other thing that made sense would be some sort of weird cross connection in the subscription database. Whilst not impossible; two accounts was more likely.


Why would you want to uninstall Frozen Wasteland modules?


Maybe they have a phobia of the colour blue?

They would really be missing out if they avoided blue.

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I hear ya.

I heard he once got stranded in the Arctic - brings back terrible memories.

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