VCV Rack with external semi modular synth

I have a Behringer Neutron and for budget purposes i would like to use vcv for effects and other fun stuff.

Is there a possibility to let the audio from the neutron go to vcv (synced) to manipulate that sound? What signal path should i integrate?

You can control the Neutron via midi. If you want to take control of the cv parameters you could get one of these interfaces and use the Audi in and outputs for cv and audio.

If you just want Audio from the neutron to go to your computer, just an audio interface will do :slight_smile:

I already have an audio interface.

My setup is like this:

  • Neutron usb to computer
  • Scarlett 2I2 interface usb to computer
  • Neutron audio out to interface channel 2

My signal path in vcv:

So the problem is when i connect the gate from cv-midi to the gate of the seq-3, the audio starts playing (don’t know if thats normal). When i connect the output of my neutron (from audio-8) to the mixer it layers the same sound on top of it. Which makes it phase a bit. And with the block size adjusted to 64, because it was a bit in delay, it even starts crackling.

if the sequencer is running it’s normal i guess, not sure i understood the problem :sweat_smile:

you have to disengage " Direct monitor" on your interface. On scarlett interfaces it’s a switch that should be somewhere near the volume.

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You sir, are a legend! Thanks, it was indeed the direct monitor that was the problem…

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hehe glad i could help :wink: actually i have a Focuscrite too, and it happened to me once too :slight_smile:

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