VCV Rack with Behringer X18

I have a little question/doubt here.
Does anyone knows if VCV is compatible with Behringer X18 USB ASIO audio driver?

Thank you all for your most welcome help and your precious time.


Normaly Vcv rack works with Asio, so my guess is it would work :slight_smile:

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Thanks Olival
I guess the same, but the X18 have 18 usb audio channels instead of the normal 16.
I don’t know if it is a problem, i hope not.

Thank you :+1:

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Oh, i guess there will just be 2 you can’t use… Unless, i remember sometime ago someone made a Audio 32 module… You might still find it by searching on the Forum :wink:

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32 audio channels would be great :ok_hand:

Thanks for the tip, i will search the forum!

All the best

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@frank but I don’t know if it is still available.


It was a quick hack of Rack itself, where the Audio8 and Audio16 module is, but Andrew didn’t want to include it in the main distribution, which is kind of right, because the right thing to do would be to fix Audio8 and Audio16 so that you can instantiate multiple of these modules, which crashes or hangs at the moment. See here for details:


Yeah, after reading the topic/discussion, i hope someone in a near future develop a 32/64 audio interface, which is from my part much more logic and practical have just one module instead of 2 or 4 for doing the same work/job! :wink:

Thanks again :+1:

I don’t know, personally I think just one 8 channel module would be sufficient, and then instantiate as many modules as you need. The next person might want 24 channels :slightly_smiling_face:. And 4 x 8 channel modules don’t need more space than one big 32 channel module, and you could maybe place it more logical, like one 8 channel module for controlling CV at one row, and one 8 channel module for controlling your surround output at another row.

And I think currently there is the same crash/hang problem when you use 2 audio modules with different sound cards. This would open up a whole new world of possible applications, if you could use multiple sound cards in one VCV Rack patch.

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Hi Frank
Thanks for your reply, maybe you`re right, but my point of view is different.

If 2 mono channels make 1 stereo we don’t have 8 but 4 channels and the same for the 16 mono make only 8 stream outputs, which is a kind of limitation for a modular expansive and cpu dependent software like VCV, but nevermind this just my opinion as a musician and producer.

I don’t know if is very difficult or possible for the developers built their mixers with a direct audio output interface, i think it will be awesome and very convenient, but is just my idea!

Thank you and all the best.