VCV Rack VST plugin Multiple Midi Outputs

I use Marbles a lot. In VST plugin mode, will VCV Rack allow me to route its seperate CV/Gates to seperate outputs? e.g. at the moment, I output them via midi to my DAW as seperate midi channels. WIll there be any way to do this in the VST version of VCV Rack? FYI if it helps answer the question, I’m using Ableton. Thanks

VCV does not support using Rack with a DAW. Support will be added with Rack for DAWs.

Not sure if Andrew understood your question.

As a plugin a VST should be able to send out midi over 16 channels, But i don’t know if this is planned/supported in the upcoming VST version of VCV.


You’re correct, I misunderstood the question.

VCV Rack for DAWs will include 2/2, 8/8, and 16/16 audio input/output variants (to match the different VCV Audio modules) as well as instrument/effect variants. See Ableton’s documentation for handling plugins with multiple outputs.

If you want to have multiple MIDI inputs/outputs, you can use the 16 channels offered by the MIDI protocol itself. Using VCV CV-MIDI or the other MIDI modules, you can choose a MIDI channel on each module and then filter by channels using up to 16 Ableton Live channels.

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Sounds great, thanks. Looking forward to it.