VCV Rack & TouchOSC connectivity.

I just built a nice UI for my two favorite modules…and am looking to do some more cool stuff. But, I’m confused on the best way to connect my tablet to VCV. I’d like to use it for other programs down the line. What is the best “Bridge” to use. The TouchOSC Bridge or another program?

I’m not certain, it’s been quite a while since I’ve bothered using TouchOSC bridge, but I was just wondering, what other bridge software is there to choose from? On MacOS you don’t need to use any other software to connect an iPad or iPhone. I think I have used the bridge software to connect to VCV wirelessly, but for me the wireless connection introduced enough lag to make it pretty useless.

Part of me is considering RTP midi (I think that’s what it’s called.) as the osc bridge might not be recongized by other things. I’m still slightly new to vcv rack, yet I want to construct my own “Work space” when I start working with patches.

I am using TouchOSC with the TouchOSC Bridge and it is working without a noticable lag and the setup was really easy on Windows. Install, Run, Connect → Working. What “other things” do you mean?

DAWS - Such as CakeWalk or Reaper. I think Reaper is a given. That’s a kettle of fish I’ll cook later.