VCV Rack sample rate question

Hi all,

I was messing around creating my first module and I put loads of fprintf’s in to see what was happening and I noticed that if I print out the value of args.sampleRate it is reported as 44100 even though I have my audio interface set to 96000.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro with a MOTU Ultralite Mk4 audio interface and with ASIO driver. The display on the front panel shows 96k as the sample rate.

Also, if I try to change the sample rate from the AudioInterface module, rack hangs and I have to kill it with task manager.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Rack can run internally at a different samplerate than the one specified in the Audio module. It is defined in Engine -> Sample Rate

For the MOTU, I know when I used to be on Windows 7, the ultralite driver didn’t like to be setup from a software, I remember having crashes too.

Thanks for the info Remi.

Do you know I would change the sample rate to match what I’m asking for? I thought that by setting it from the AudioInterface it would change?

Also, if it is running differently internally, does that mean it is re-sampling on the fly?

Don’t use printf, use DEBUG, INFO, WARN in logger.hpp.

Yes, if the audio interface has a different same rate as the engine, it of course needs to resample.

Thanks Andrew, but it still leaves me with the question, how do I change the engine sample rate to match the interface?

I thought that by changing it on the audio interface module it would change the engine sample rate.

Engine > Sample rate