VCV Rack & Pure Data

Hello Rackerz!
This clip is a short demo of VCV Rack & Pure Data. Both applications are sending and receiving internally through the routing matrix of a MOTU Ultralite MK4.
VCV is sending cv and gate to PD playing the Triad VCO.
PD is sending audio and cv into VCV, random voltage is controlling the Freak filter module.

In case anyone was wondering whether this works.
This is not a tutorial, but i can explain how i set it up in my system if you need to know.


It would be great to have some PD modules for VCV

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Do you mean a VCV module, that loads PD?

Cause right now you can already load certain PD modules that are converted to VST, in the VST host module.

It would be nice for a developer to make an actual Rack module that uses libpd to process blocks of audio and CV.


yeah hopefully someone will do something like that!

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Did someone make it?

Short answer: No, not yet.