VCV rack processing hyena sounds and SOMA LYRA-8

This is the first recording I did using VCV rack. I run recordings of the fantastic LYRA-8 organismic synthesizer by SOMA Laboratory and some hyena field recordings through VCV Rack via Reaper and the VCV bridge (thanks to the relevant Youtube tutorials by Omri Cohen!)

I use the Frozen Wasteland vocoder Mr. Blue Sky to have the hyenas “sing” the LYRA-8 track, and the hyena sounds are also run through the Texture Synthesizer. Two LFOs modulate some of the Texture Synthesizers settings and the placement of the sounds in the stereo spectrum.

The whole album is available for free on bandcamp, if you’re interested, although this is the only track to feature VCV Rack. The rest features the SOMA LYRA-8 as well as some other analog gear.