VCV Rack Pro VST in Ableton Live stops playing after I close the window

I’ve got VCV recieving a clock from Ableton and generating notes which I output through cv to midi, and as a test, also have it playing FM OP out through audio as well. Its fine when the VCV window is open, but keeps stopping after a few seconds when I close the window. Any one have any ideas? Seems to happen in any Live project where I use VCV rack.

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Hi, I am having the exact same issue, have you found any solution ? :frowning:

Nope noty yet.

I’ve been dealing with this issue lately, not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong. I am sending out midi information from the VCV vst to hardware and inputting audio back to Ableton. If the VCV window is closed, the midi/audio stops, resuming when the window is reopened. The fix I discovered is that I just need to output any small amount of audio from VCV to Ableton, doesn’t matter what it is. I just mute it and carry on with what I was doing with the midi and hardware. Maybe that helps someone, any insight appreciated.

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