VCV rack pro not sending or receiving signal

Just installed VCV pro and I am using Bitwig and Expert Sleepers es6 and es3 and have noticed I cant send or receive any audio using the Audio 8 or Audio 16 modules, when I try and send and receive audio using the stand alone version everything works as should has anyone got any ideas please

More information and a screenshot would be helpful.

What version of Rack Pro are you using? Are you on Mac or PC? What operating system?

Can you load your audio interface driver that connects to your ES-3 and ES-6 in the Rack plugin or not?

Are you using the same audio interface for both Rack and Bitwig? Are you trying to send/recieve audio directly from the Audio module in the Rack plugin or via Bitwig first using the DAW audio driver?

Hi Steve using VCV rack pro 2.0.6 on win10 Motu 828Mk2, in the pro version the driver list has changed to DAW now insted of Asio in the stand alone version

I am using the Motu 828 for bitwing and VCV and I am trying to send gate from VCV pro, out to my modular and I am trying to receive audio from modular back into VCV

OK well the DAW driver just sends stuff back and forth with Bitwig, not externally. You might be able to click on the DAW driver in the Audio Device and change it back to ASIO (it goes to DAW by default) - at least that’s how it works on my Mac with Core Audio. But it may be that ASIO has a limitation that won’t let you do that as you have already assigned that driver/device to Bitwig - a PC ASIO user could probably advise you better on that but iirc it might be that ASIO devices cannot be shared between apps.

If you can’t select the ASIO driver to access your interface in the Rack plugin, what you should be able to do is use the DAW driver to send audio/CV from Rack back to another audio channel in Bitwig first and then route it out externally from there. Conversely you should be able to take external audio/CV into a Bitwig Audio channel and then route it from there into Rack via the DAW driver.