VCV Rack Pro can't get MIDI to Ableton

Hi All, I’m using VCV Rack Pro 2.2.0, Ableton Live 11 (rosetta mode) and am having issues getting VCV rack to send MIDI back to Ableton.

In my example case, I have a simple rack (SEQ 3 > GATES > SCOPE > CV -MIDI) on track 1, and am trying to get the SEQ 3 to MIDI control a virtual instrument on track 2. I have v/oct & gate going to the CV>MIDI module, set to DAW/DAW/Channel 1.

Track 2 has the input type set to “1- VCV Rack 2”, but I only see “Pre FX” or “Post FX” as the input channel options. I’ve seen Omri’s great video on YT that shows a specific “input channel” for VCV, maybe I’m missing a step?

Is there something I have to setup to enable MIDI out from VCV rack? I don’t see any VCV specific options in the Link/Tempo/MIDI option pane of Live.

Any suggestions on what I’m missing or what to check next are appreciated.

Are you using AU or VST? I’m not a mac user, but IIRC AU plugins can’t output both audio and midi so chances are the VCV Rack AU plugin would likely only output audio.

Stand to be corrected on that.

I am using VST. This is interesting though as it looks to me as if VCV is only sending back audio, though Omri’s youtube video clearly shows otherwise. I feel like theres something I’m missing to setup VCV rack as a midi input source.

In case anyone stumble onto this thread with the same problem, it looks like the same/similar issue was discussed and solved in this thread:

Enabling vst2 plugin support in Ableton live and switching to the vst2 plugin seems to be the work-around for now.

at best a workaround. VST3 should be able to do the same. It’s still a bug that needs a fix.