VCV Rack portable installation on Windows

Is that possible? Interesting in copying vcv on flash drive usb then go to a friend to test his system for vcv rack just with one click with all my plugins with no installation at all

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I think yes, just copy the rack folder from your program files directory to a drive and run the rack exe ,I have no way to try here, I m linux user, in linux we have only “portable”

edited perhaps on windows you should download the pluggings again in the new computer I think the pluggins on windows not share the same directory, but you can copy the pluggins too and create the rack plugging folder :wink:

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See here:


Hi there, can VCV will be the portatable and downloadable in zip?

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To install Rack as a “portable” program, start by downloading the Windows ZIP package of VCV Rack at

After extracting, create a shortcut to Rack.exe, open the shortcut’s Properties dialog, and add -u . to the Target field.

Launch Rack from the new shortcut, and it will set the Rack user folder to the same folder Rack.exe is located.