VCV Rack & O-Coast & Neutron - Blood Patch

I’m still struggling with how to record the performance… I don’t want to move everything all the time, and I would like also to show what’s going on in VCV Rack… If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is a weird one… It all started with this sequence from the Keystep on the Make Noise O-Coast. I’m also splitting the gate output of the Keystep, and sending it to trigger the gate on the O-Coast, but also to trigger its Tempo input. The BeatStep Pro is sending 2 different sequences to the Neutron, and the Neutron is patched like this so I got 2 independent voices.
The O-Coast is going then to VCV Rack, once to Clouds, and also to Plateau. The Neutron is also going to VCV Rack, to Plateau. I’m sampling the pitch coming out of the Keystep with Kinks in VCV Rack, and I’m using it for the bass sound, and this is where it gets a bit weird, with strange harmonies and such. I’m also sending both sequences from the BeatStep Pro to VCV Rack, to the logic section of Kinks, and out of its MIN\MAX outputs, I get 2 more sequences. The same pitch information I send the bass sound, I send also to EV3 to create a sort of a pad. I added also a few percussive sounds in VCV Rack, using the drum sequencer of the BeatStep Pro.
With the Midilar, I’m bringing the voices in and out.

Hi, @Omri_Cohen, are you asking how to video both the VCV Rack screen and your knob twiddling?

Why not use OBS, use VCV Rack screen as the main screen and get a tighter overhead view of the gear on the desk as a picture-in-picture? Or maybe cross fade between both views?


Well, that’s what I’ve done until now, but there is not so much room left on the desk anymore… I think that until I will have a better camera, I will just zoom out a bit more and put VCV in the empty space.
Thank you!