VCV Rack & O-Coast & Neutron - Agua

I thought that this time, I will try to use the Neutron for something else than bass sounds, and I have to
say, it made a great sort of a Shpongelish sequence thingy. Like always, the Make Noise O-Coast and the Neutron are great friends, modulating each other and communicating with one another. The BeatStep Pro is the brains behind it all, sending a clock to VCV Rack and to the Keystep, and also sequencing the bass part and the O-Coast. With the Keystep I create this arpeggio, which comes from the Cosmosc Oscillator in VCV Rack. Also in VCV Rack I have Entropia and Ions from the Geodesics collection sequencing a few more voices, and Branes, also Geodesics, modulating all sorts of things like the cutoff point of the bass filter, Rescomb2 from Vult, Amalgam from Valley, and more. I’m still using a fixed rack of 9U 104HP, but I’m still experimenting with it so I switched a few modules like adding the Palm Loop Oscillator for a nice bass sound, I’m using a different quantizer, and I’ve added a few more atmosphere modules like Amalgam and Rescomb2.

Lovely Composition Omri :grinning: ! Maybe you saw it, i made a Topic about Hybrid setups with vcv rack, and i’ve got to say, yours is really awesome ! Just like you said, the Neutron and Ocoast pair well, and once processed by rack it’s beyond words !!!
Great work as always :wink: You are an inspiration for many Rackers out there, me included !
Have a good one man, Cheers :wave:


Thank you so much, my friend! I really appreciate it. I’m not so sure I’ve seen this post, so many things happened lately. Would you send me the link please? I cannot seem to find it… Thanks!

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Here you go my friend :wink:
Feel free to talk a bit about your setup there :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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