VCV Rack Ideas Tutorials

Ok, so this is the time to start dedicated topic for my tutorials. And the first one - New 8 Step Sequencer from Count Modula for VCV Rack

This video is a bit more an experiment than anything else BUT it can unlock some creative techno minds and also brings a fun into your music process. So, DJ in VCV Rack, why not? Moreover there are new tools for doing that easy - DISJOINT - Dj style filter from Vult (HP\LP in the one knob) and Bogaudio EQ3 dj style equalizer. I used also Musicalboxes from Nysthi and powerful Sends matrix from MindMeld to achieve some dj effects techniques. Of course there are no true dj stuff in this video but messing with prepared loops it’s more than enough for me at the moment. But a real power in VCV Rack is a routing - you can recreate any machine you like. And in this case this is a mixing console and a ton of loops slots in the musicboxes. Have fun watching!

very interesting, I’m learning a lot with them. thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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That was brilliant Artem, full of good ideas!