VCV Rack 'glitching' disappears with ReaRoute

Can anyone explain this please?

If I set VCV standalone, with a minimal patch, routed through my USB audio ASIO at 48kHz and 123 block size, I get audible glitches.

If I set up exactly the same patch going through ReaRoute into Reaper, and then out through the same USB audio ASIO, with both ReaRoute ASIO and the USB Audio ASIO set the same (48Kz/128 block size) I get a perfectly clean signal.

I’m quite happy going through Reaper, but it seems odd that I get a cleaner signal with more processing going on.

I assume you will have 1 block latency added with ReaRoute.

I think he means - you can get the same effect stand alone with a 256 block size. btw, there is a ton of info here and other places on avoiding glitches.

Yes, choosing a larger block size usualy solves this problem.

If I understand correctly, you are not asking about how to avoid glitches , since you are avoid them using ReaRoute, this might seem counterintuitive as ReaRoute uses more processing

maybe your problem is not due to more or less processing but is related to your ASIO driver (I’m just speculating)