VCV Rack for DAWs: external audio and MIDI devices

HI will the vst version still support midi routing to external gear as well as advanced audio routing? Or will that be taken over by the DAW?

You will be able to use all audio and MIDI devices available in VCV Rack. Rack for DAWs will add the “DAW” audio/MIDI driver which will allow you to communicate with your DAW, but it will not remove the other drivers.

Note that using multiple audio devices (e.g. two VCV Audio module using the “DAW” and “CoreAudio” drivers) will not guarantee stability of both audio devices simultaneously. You must choose one as the “Primary audio device”, which I recommend should be the VCV Audio module using the “DAW” driver.

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Thanks will Rack for DAWS show all the parameters in Bitwig that can be midi controlled or modulated? How will modulating and controllers work with it? Capture

I’ve been wondering this too.