VCV Rack f*cks up my sound interface?

Do you mean using Bridge,which I’d rather not get into,or is there another way you mean ?

I ask,since I already have Reaper,and it’s the only DAW [inc. VCV - I know it’w not a DAW,but it can be,with the Host module] that allows a sort of sharing of ASIO drivers with the main system,allowing you to,say,watch a YouTube video with sound,while Reaper is running. Edit : I should have said open.It gives up the Asio drivers when it doesn’t have focus. I wish all DAWs would do this.

I’m currently running some surprisingly large patches,on an old 2.3 GHz i5 2500. I’m using WASAPI [in non-exclusive mode],rather than ASIO,for now,and have very few problems with very few crackles,or dropouts. Surprising,but it’s great,for now.

Oh,and welcome,from another newcomer. I hope you get things working well,soon.

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I dunno, my rig is like 5 or 6 years old, but it runs VCV pretty well. I think it was probably beefy at the time, but I’m sure modern CPUs outgun it now. I rarely get pops or clicks and it sounds nice to me.

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz nVidia Quadro K2000D Roland Tri-Capture usb audio interface

I point out that the original thread and jfbraseth’s replies are from last year.

That’s a false generalization, given that I can run patches with 50 modules on a 10-years-old computer with 4GB RAM. I’d rather put the price in terms of time/efforts spent to properly set up your computer (which unfortunately can be trickier than buying a more powerful CPU)


Those are great points @mixer. Omri Cohen has a tutorial video on optimizing a computer for VCV Rack,and I’ve read several very good posts on the matter. A search of the forum should yield much good info,for anyone interested,I think. And a YouTube search,too.

I used to have a USB linked Focusrite interface and had an issue with sound pops and random glitch noises when any other peripheral shared the same USB bus. It mostly went away if I moved it to a port on a bus that nothing else used. However, even then there was still at very low levels some processor noise/interference bleeding through. Since moving to an Arturia Audiofuse a couple of years ago I haven’t had any sound problems.


Hi Mark,and welcome to the forum. I’m not long here myself,but it’s a great community.

I must admit that the Audiofuse is a gorgeous,and very tempting interface. I don’t need a new interface right now,but if I did,it would certainly be on my list. Glad to hear you’ve been happy with it.

Hope to see you about the forums.

Thanks, though I feel daft after realising I was trying to answer an 18 month old question. :blush:

Well,the original post was from last year,but the last dozen,or so,posts,if you include ours,only started up a few days ago.So,maybe both of us are daft. No big deal,either way,eh ?

You can launch the Reaper first > then VCV Rack > set the audio interface in VCV to ReaRoute (if it’s not available make sure to download the Reaper installer and check the ReaRoute option in the additional components submenu) > arm the track for recording in reaper > choose the tracks input to ReaRoute input (mono 1-8 or stereo 1-2/2-3 etc.) witch is matching the input from the VCV audio module that you connected the signal to > make sure the input monitoring is ON. Same applies for the 16 channel audio module, just set the ReaRoute device to the 1-16.


I am using VCVrack on a 2 year old laptop. Cracking only occurs when I am not in full screen mode, and when the power is not connected. No further problems with the scarlet and VCVrack.

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@dvilain, Hi,and thanks for that pretty detailed answer. Reaper really does have some great extras/scripts,doesn’t it. It seems that ReaRoute is what’s making this work so smoothly.Pity Reason doesn’t have something similar. I have both of them.

If midi,and audio,can be easily passed,and synced,between Reaper and VCV,then I could plug the Reason11 plugin into Reaper,and connect VCV Rack via ReaRoute,as you suggest. Thanks for your helpful answer.It’s much appreciated.

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You can pass midi, I don’t know about cv, maybe it’s doable with limitations of some sort. The clocks are a little problematic. Even if you set the clock for “x” BPM in VCV it’ll always be off by a little bit. I found that after recording I need to cut audio after few bars, move it and crossfade between the two. Not a big deal but will cause issues with live performance if Reaper is sending BPM information to some VST’s.

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Closing since this thread has diverged from OP’s issue.

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