vcv rack et OPENGL 2.0

I can’t use vcv rack 1 with my Win 7 because :

message windows : OPEN GL 2.0 renderer How can I get it ?

thank you

There should be lots of thread on this. The usual first stop is updating your video drivers.

… if you are able to do that on an out-of-support OS (Win7 was end-of-life in January 2020). Although it’s possible some vendors still publish installers for their video cards for Win7.

Or try this :

Yes, that’s what I meant - get the drivers from the manufacturers. It’s almost always possible, even with ancient OS. I switched from 7 to 10 once MS stopped giving out security updates to 7.

Windows 10 is on the glide path to retirement, too. I have a couple of machines that don’t qualify to get Win 11, so they’re now running Linux Mint (and VCV Rack).

my (new) win-10 machine updated to 11, so that’s what I’m using now.