VCV Rack Crashes

Hi folks, I’m new to the beautiful world of Modular and VCV rack. I’m using VCV Rack v1.1.6 on an Asus A55V notebook, Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.30GHz, Nvdia GeForce GT 630 graphics card, Windows 10 Home 64 bit, and I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i 1st gen sound card. I have a problem with the module browser of VCV, when I install a certain number of modules in addition to the core ones it breaks irremediably, the application freezes and does not respond, and the only way to resume operation is to kill the process, and manually delete the installed modules folder (C:\Users\Me\Documents\Rack\plugins-v1). The file C:\Users\Me\Documents\Rack\log.txt does not contain any error messages. Any help? Thank you

Maybe it is useful to know what additional plugins in particular you installed.

I think it’s not a matter of which, but a matter of how many. Reducing the number of modules installed and using MB from stooer melder is helping a lot.

Usually software doesn’t crash on the amount of it. Usually software crashes depending on an error that is located on a particular point within the code.

Did reducing the number of plugins help to solve your problem?

Crashing when opening the module browser points to a plugin that is not correctly handling the way the browser renders the modules. Try removing plugins one at at a time until the browser no longer crashes Rack rather than removing them all. The last one you removed is most likely going to be the culprit.

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Hi, no, it didn’t :frowning:

Hi, I have installed 543 modules from 17 brands, because VCV obliges you to install the entire collection, eve if you want to use just only one of them. I found tht the problem arises when I browse the collection from NYSTHI, wich has 141 modules installed.

In Rack v2 this will be changed, so please be patient (like we all do) :sleeping:

Stoermelder’s MB lets you hide modules you don’t care about/never use. For someone as easily distracted as I am, it’s the only hope for accomplishing anything.

People here are talking about crashing vcv rack, which does happen infrequently, to a small number of people. But you are talking about vcv locking up and becoming unresponsive, yes? Is there anything interesting in the log file when this happens? If it seems to happen with nysthi modules have you tried removing them?

Please try updating your graphics adapter drivers. Problems have been reported before with NYSTHI‘s modules and old drivers.

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Are there any news about the probable release date of Rack 2?