VCV Rack crashes with no message in log.txt

Every so often I get a patch that consistently does a poof crash. In other words, it crashes, but doesn’t write anything useful in log.txt.

That makes bug reports difficult. Short of compiling Rack myself with debug on and always running under GDB, is there a way I’ve missed to figure these out?

I’ve experienced it before as well. There was this thread recently.

That’s my thread. I have not had any crashes of this type since I removed the delayed start global reset from 70 of my patches. There seems to be an existing bug that causes this type of crash that is impossible to track down, seemingly. Prior to removing the delayed reset, I could cause a crash on startup or exit, by launching and exiting sequentially several times. Sometimes it would crash on the first try, but sometimes I had to launch ~40 times.

This bug seems to be sensitive to the number of modules in the patch.