VCV Rack + Carla - great fun

Hi. Was experimenting patching ‘this to that’ and wanted to try and use my soundfonts (sfz/sf2 formats) in rack. I had been using Carla for a while as it plays Windows and native VSTs on my linux box as well as soundfonts, LV2 and LADSPA plugins.

Naturally using Jack audio I could route audio from Carla to Rack but I was limited to two channel inputs as my audio card only has 2 in/ 6 out. But Carla can now run Jack apps internally so I tested running Rack under Carla.

What it ‘magically’ gave me (magically because I don’t understand why :smile: ) was all 16 input and output audio channels.

I wrote a simple patch in Rack to send 2 sequences from Foundry on midi channels 1 and 2 to Carla - one goes to HG Fortune’s ‘The Tiger’ vst and the other to my harpsichord soundfont.

Routed the audio back on 4 channels back to Rack to use Plateau.

Carla is also available as LV2 and VST so I plugged it into my MusE DAW. So DAW->Carla(all my plugins + 16 channels)->VCV Rack-> and back again. CPU didn’t seem to complain as it was the same load as running Carla and Rack normally.

Too many connections (and fun) to poke a stick at! :crossed_fingers:


Tip, Carla have a couple of plugins CV to midi and midi to CV which mean you can connect a LFO, atenueverter or whatever CV you like directly to your jack output and use it in your favorite vst

take a look of SKjack


Thanks David. I actually caught up with a back log of reading docs last night and saw SKjack. Looks interesting. Will experiment soon :fireworks::exploding_head: