VCV Rack Bridge for Apple M1

Dear all

I have just bought the Macbook pro Apple m1 and would like to use vcv rack bridge for ableton. With my old macbook pro there was no problem to get the vst and use it in ableton. With my new m1 the plugin vst bridge is not workin anymore :confused:

Any ideas how i can set up the on apple m1 the Bridge for ableton? highly appreciate your help on this!

Thanks for your help!

I would be interested in this as well.

I’m fairly sure bridge is deprecated.

In the meantime I’ve been using Blackhole and it works perfectly well. It has been updated for the M1.

But now that I’m thinking of it, are there any other plug-ins for Mac like Bridge? That can route audio to and from a track to a different audio driver than the DAW is using?

Maybe Ladiocast?

There must be a ton of solutions. Probably searching this forum would find a lot. Never used them, but isn’t Sunflower a popular thing on mac that does this? Jack is the universal one on Linux - does it also work on mac?

Soundflower is also deprecated, i think Blackhole is everyone’s go-to virtual driver now, and it works very well.

But I mean being able to access an alternate driver from the one being used on the DAW through either an effects plugin on a track.

So, for example, my DAW is using an Antelope Discrete8 for both input and output, and I want just a single track to be able to send and receive audio from Blackhole (or wtvr other driver).

I could create an aggregate device but they can be buggy, and it would be nice if there was a plugin like Bridge that could do it instead.

I thought that is what blakhole is for? You set all your music apps to use blackhole as their driver, then from blackhole you can route the audio any way you want. but I guess a current limitation of blackhole is that you can’t route audio directly from blackhole to hardware?

You are going to have to get creative. Bridge was discontinued long a ago, because it didn’t always work that well. If you want to use it now you need to find an old copy of this unsupported thing, then use very old versions of VCV and modules. You probably don’t want to do that.

Oh i see what you mean now, through a VST plugin. No i have no knowledge of a VST for that, unless ReaRoute offers that feature as a plugin. ReaRoute is part of Reaper installation.

yeah i didn’t finish that sentence, lol should have been: “either thru an effects or instrument plugin on a track”

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Maybe something on this page, or this one?


This isn’t quite true. You need the old version of bridge, but it still works for the current version of VCV rack. I just got this going this week with Bitwig. This video by Omri Cohen explains how to do it with Ableton live. Record/Sync/Sequence VCV Rack with Ableton Live - YouTube

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Apparently not on M1? OP wrote “With my new m1 the plugin vst bridge is not workin anymore :confused:

I was about to reply with this:

Are you on a Mac M1? I can get Bridge working within Logic on my MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

…before I tried booting up Logic and suddenly it works now. Lol.

I installed Bridge a few months ago so if I remember right, I followed Omri’s instructions exactly. I couldn’t get it to work back then so I gave up and mostly forgot about it. The only thing that has changed is that I’m now using @diimdeep’s VCV fork, so maybe give that a shot, @sarkis.

I’ll give these a try. But I’ve got Bridge working now so I might not need them. Lol

I ordered M1 Pro couple of weeks back and picked rack 2 this week :grin: Just seen this thread :worried:. Is it reliable getting the standalone rack2 syncing with Ableton etc? Anyone having good results?

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