VCV Rack and touchscreen

I’m just now getting into VCV with the free version and love it! My question is…I have a touchscreen (Slate Raven) and the free version of VCV Rack does not respond to or recognize touch. Does the Pro version? Or is there a setting I’m missing? It would be awesome to have touchscreen access.

Thanks for any help!

AFAIK no. THe pro version only offers VCV Rack as a VST/CLAP plugin. The free version is standalone only.

+Audio Unit plugin
+some plugins: VCV Library - VCV Pro

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Pro is a plugin so all events are handled by the plugin host (which tends to differ a lot between implementations) and likely will be even less useful for touchscreen …

I don’t believe there is any difference between the Pro and the regular standalone.

Sorry, I was wrong. See VCV Manual - Frequently Asked Questions :

Does VCV Rack work with touch screens?

Yes, disable “View > Lock cursor while dragging params” in Rack’s menu and optionally set the “Knob mode” to rotary if you prefer.

VCV Rack does not currently support multi-touch gestures.


Ahornberg great find thanks! Sadly it did not change anything. Maybe its a Raven thing or its a Pro thing? The search continues.

Thank you everybody who posted. I appreciate it!

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