VCV Rack Album made only with Fundamental Modules

I wanted to experiment with some limitations by using only Fundamental modules and this is what happened. I did not think that I would make this much but thats the magic of modular I guess :wink:. There is a lot more sounds to be found I think despite the fact that we’ve known these modules for decades know.

I also screen captured everything so you can see every patch:


:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: How long do I have to study to reach this level? :grin: I can build decent little patches, but an album is still far away.

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Thanks! I got into VCV about 2 years ago without any synth knowledge actually :grinning: but I remember many sleeples nights struggling to get basic patches and concepts working. If you do this every day for many hours you will progress quickly without even noticing. and I cannot thank enough to Omri Cohen for his tutorials :smiley:


We’ve been using Rack for more or less the same time and I’ve been using non-modular synthesizers for about 10 years hahaha, I also thank Omri and Enrico Cosimi (an Italian Omri). I think I need more time to experiment and a more powerful cpu/gpu/ram to take advantage of more modules, if I try to reproduce your patch, my laptop explodes!

Well done Mateusz, some great sounds there! I noticed a Bogaudio mixer, so I guess you use non-fundamental modules off-screen too for mixing? What was your process for finishing off the production - did you record into a DAW and then Master there + add effects? Just curious to know how much production was required beyond VCV Rack. Also, how did you achieve the pad-sounding harmonies? The sequencer melodies were easy to track via the patch cables of course, but were the pads just the other oscillators mixed together and going into the delay? Thanks and great work again!

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Love taking the fundamental-only route once in a while.
There’s just something so enticing about it.
“Limitation breeds creativity” and that whole schmear :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Quite fond of the gentler pieces (patches I, V, and especially XIII :astonished:)

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Of course the power of VCV built-in modules would blow away a Moog modular, right? So ca 1970 no-one would have thought of this as a limitation.

Picking from 30 some modules instead of 2000+ is the scope I had in mind :slight_smile:

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Well done!

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I used bogaudio mixer only as monitoring for myself. Everything was recorded using VCV Recorder modules and mixed in my DAW. As far as mixing goes I used mostly Valhalla reverbs and EQ (In some patches a lot of EQ was required to make it sound like I imagined in my head :wink: and in others there is none at all). For pad harmonies every voice goes into its dedicated delay with different delay times and high feedback, so in reality you heard more notes than the sequencer was playing. Also each delay time was modulated using different LFOs but just a tiny bit to create “vintage” like sound. I thought about making a patch description for every piece but some of them are pretty old and I really need break from this album at this point :smiley:

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XIII is special indeed. 4 oscillating filters but they are connected in series. It’s tricky to make it work but the result is worth it :wink:

Thanks for the explanatory notes!

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I absolutely love patch 6. it screams just nasty enough. Congrats on this great achievement of creating an entire album!


Left a comment/question on Patch IX, on YT.

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Lovely stuff. Cheers!

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