VCV Rack 2 VST with ES-9


I’m trying to use my ES-9 with VCV Rack 2 VST inside of FL studio. I know FL is using the ES-9 and I’m not sure how to get the Audio-16 module to also use it? If that’s even possible… It works with the standalone version but not as VST. I would assume it’s because the standalone version is able to use ASIO and the ES-9 since FL isn’t already using it.

I’m just trying to find a way to use them all together if that’s possible.

my es-8 works fine, using Wasapi.

I have been having problem with this as well.

But using OSX and a aggregated device.

Just not possible to access the es-9 as VCV priorises access to the Soundcard when in the VST version

I don’t use fl studio but I should point out that the audio module in vst accesses your software in/out (or hw if you choose something else than ‘DAW’), in standalone it accesses the hardware in/out. You have to route your physical in/out to and from vcv in flstudio.

Yes exactly. Choose the audio card in the VST plugin instead of DAW.