VCV RACK 2 - vst instrument in Cubase 11 - no audio signal in Cubase mixer

I am having two tracks in Cubase 11. One vst instrument track with VCV RACK2 and one audio track with vocals on.

I am using the internal Cubase “sidechain feature”, running the audio signal of the vocal track into the VCV RACK 2 vst instrument track. The method works well with other vst instruments such as “Retrologue” which are providing an input too. You can easily manipulate recorded audio with vst instruments that way.

My basic test setup consists of three modules only. The “Audio 8” module as input source which is routing the audio to “Scope”, so I can see the incoming audio and my usual “Audio” output module ov VCV.

For some reason I can see the audio within VCV RACK 2 modules but can neither hear nor see it in the cubase mixer of the VCV RACK 2 channel at all. Please see screenshot attached.

I double checked all settings and compared it with another vst instrument also.

Am I missing something? Any ideas are really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I think you have to do it with only one Audio module

Here, VCV FX on an audio track. if I use two audio modules, there’s no sound through the VCV plugin.

If I use only one Audio module, sound is coming through.

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You can do as Jens suggested above here.

Or if you want to use the Audio 2 module, set one instance to channels 1-2 io.
And set the other instance to channels 3-4 io.

You can’t have 2 audio modules occupying the same channel numbers.

Thanks for your swift reply! Have been testing around further and ended up with the same solution you suggested above too. Great community here. Thanks again!

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Both methods are applicable!

Cheers and have fun patching :wink: