VCV Rack 2 - Unable to MIDI Map to APC40 MK2

Hey there I am a complete newbie to VCV Rack & slowly getting to grips with it. I wanted to MIDI map my APC40 MK2 to some knobs and faders. However, when I try to map with VCV “Midi Map” module, regardless of the fader of my APC40 controller, it assigns it all to CC07(Fader N°1 on the controller). As you can see in my screenshot Capture

Also I am unable to map any of my LaunchPad S pads to anything inside VCV Rack. I can play notations on a synth module just fine when patched up with the VCV “MIDI>CV” unit, but nothing is being detected when trying to MIDI map. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks :slight_smile: (PS. Both my MIDI controllers do work absolute fine with Abeton & the physical faders/pads/knobs all work)

cc 07 is volume so are they coming in on different midi channels, one per fader? So fader#1 is midi channel 1, fader #2 midi channel 2 etc?

Hey there :slight_smile: No, I have just tried changing the channels from “All Channels” to “Channel 1”, then map the 1st fader. Then change to “Channel 2” & tried mapping the 2nd fader etc… It still assigns the all to CC07 like before. And the Master Fader on my APC is CC14. Thats the only fader that changes CC value when i try the same process. However, the knobs assigne correctly with its own CC value as CC20 CC21 CC22 CC23 etc…

What I mean is that it looks like the right behaviour for a mixer. If you move fader 1 it would come in as a change in the value of cc 7 on midi channel 1. Presumably you can grab that value and take its cv and assign it to anything you like in the rack?

So I was looking for an answer, and I finally did some test with the APC40 MK1. I’m still quite a noob too, so let’s help noob to noob. Here’s a screenshot of what I did in my VCV Rack session. Works extremely well. For each fader with a CC07:, I opened a MIDI MAP for each problematic fader. My last MIDI MAP will be for the non-problematic knobs and the master fader, which isn’t problematic.