VCV Rack 2 teaser

I am not needing anything @synthi :wink: It was someone else I answered to. And a context menu add is always a decent option for something like this…

Hey :wink:

Curious if the VCV Rack plug ins is only going to be VST and not audio unit?

I think I know the answer, but would like to have it confirmed.

VST at first, but AudioUnit is set to come next.

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That’s nice to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Rack 2 is supposed to be out this month.

Correction: November at the earliest:


I do not see “VCV MIX” in my library. That’s when running VCV Rack Community Edition 2/git/219bbaf for Linux. I do still see UNITY (and VCA-2). Am I way behind?

What’s the maximum gain with MIX? Is it 100%, +6 dB, or something else?

You are two or three versions behind.

There’s a big piece of the puzzle.

I think it’s 100%. I use two inputs to get some gain.

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stoermelder’s modules might help here

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That’s what I was asking. An update if the release of V2 is still plan for November

I don’t see the update happening in November… Beta 1 just came out 5 days ago and we still don’t have community modules built in or available… I’d hope we’d see a beta 2 or Release candidate with full functionality before we get excited that it will be soon to be released. My gut says sometime in 2022 unless things progress much faster from this point forward.

I’d rather have it late than have it broken. See console gaming for details :wink:


I doubt you will see this until the release. Remember although the beta is public, it’s really meant for developers to test their plugins, not users. Developers don’t need the library and are quite happy building plugins from source. The plugin ABI has been declared stable and developers have been invited to submit their plugins to the v2 library ready for the launch.

I think there’s a good chance there will be another beta before launch but it’s really not far away now and I’d bet good money it will be this year - and it’s not completely out of the question, (although perhaps unlikely now) that it could still happen in November.


I was getting the same impression going through this month, but a recent post in the “Rack development blog” was still talking about the $99 intro price valid till the end of 2021.

The vast majority of community modules are building or could build with only minor modifications. Like overwhelmingly vast. I’d say as high as 90 or even 95%. I’d assume the number is similar or higher for commercial modules but I can’t measure that. The release date isn’t set because Andrew needs to be sure that it’s ready to go because for the release VCV will be doing advertising and so on. I don’t know anything from Andrew but I wouldn’t be surprised if a second beta is released to tidy up some loose ends (there wouldn’t be many) and then following that the release to come out not too long after. Andrew can’t share firm release dates yet, but don’t doubt that the process is happening now.


Right and I doubt he will - its probably now just a case of "is anyone reporting any more bugs/problems I need to fix?..No? - OK release…


Yep that’s what I was saying. There’s at least one bug fix that I know needs to drop but I doubt there are too many. It might even not need another beta I’m not sure what the plan is.

After seeing the evolution of Rack 2 beta, I begin to lose a little interest. certainly there is a graphic improvement, for example the knobs, the input / output ports, the quantizer keys. Surely there is some functional improvement, the sequencer knobs that now turn also in negative, the small knobs for modulation that make 8vert practically useless, the AudioInterface 2, perfect for working in standalone. the Random module has been greatly improved. Beautiful clock function for Delay and LFO has been added. however there are some things I don’t like about Rack 2. I’m sorry I no longer have the “fine” knob for oscillator and filter, the analog / digital switch, I find the ADSR display horrible and even a little useless and I prefer the knobs rather than the slides.

also I prefer the green lights for the steps in the sequencer, rather than the white lights. I prefer the green / red lights of the octave module, rather than all yellow, but these are small things.

overall, it still remains a nice update. :clap:t3: I’ll get used to it.