VCV Rack 2 teaser

Just a thought, not sure if this workaround would work for you or not but could you maybe use the ES-9 as your main interface in Live/Bitwig and then cable the outputs of that into your focusrite for monitoring, and the cable the outputs of the focusrite to some inputs on the ES-9 in order to access the Mic inputs etc.

I currently have a similar setup with two interfaces - an RME Digiface which is just 4 x ADAT in/out (main interface with ES-3/6 connected) plus an Audient ID22 which I use for monitoring and Mic Inputs. I use one of the ADAT in/out on the RME to send audio back and forth to the Audient.

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Can you let say , in my case lets say in which I have motu ultralite mk5 , route directly from vcv vst into modular? Does it have an option to do so in audio channel? Or this is not possible in vst like , but rather as u said, fro vvst into daw track and from daw track into modular?

Right now the only device accessible to the audio module in the VST is the DAW device - so no direct in/out to the hardware modular from there, only back and forth to the DAW.

This may or may not be the case in the final version however - we’ll see.

Do we know approximately when Rack 2 is coming out – anything more specific than November (last I heard)? Thanks.


From Rack development blog - #70 by Vortico

Release schedule

To give sufficient time to plugin developers to migrate their plugins, we guarantee the following minimum dates.

  • Oct 9 at earliest: Rack 2 Studio Edition pre-release licenses available to plugin developers and media.
  • Oct 23 at earliest: Declare Rack 2 API and ABI stable.
  • Nov 6 at earliest: Release Rack 2.0 Community Edition for download and Studio Edition for sale.

So yes… no.


Can’t wait to use Rack v2 :sob:


Not sure waiting for plugin developers is a promising idea considering plugin developers who haven’t started testing new module versions say they’re waiting for the new 2.0 to be released. Chicken and Egg :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to use it :slight_smile:

I checked the page everyday since 6. November…

I hope it goes live very soon.

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  • If I upgrade to Rack 2, will it be easy to go back to Rack 1.1.6 in case Something-Goes-Horribly-Wrong?
  • Or keep both?
  • Will both Libraries continue be supported? By that I don’t mean updates, only that the old one would still be available for use with Rack 1.1.6.
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I think there will be no reversion method, so keep a backup of your files

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You can just keep both - they are totally separate applications.

I currently have both v2 and v1.1.6 installed and can even have them both open at the same time.

Edit: Don’t expect patches that are made/saved in V2 to open in V1 though.


You have them both open at the same time? On what platform? I am on windows and I still get the message I can have only one open at a time. Haven’t looked at it in detail, but is there some setting that can be changed to make this work?

I’m on Mac.

In today’s world, you simply can’t run old hardware and expect to run brand new software; sad but true. Also, it seems like the majority of musicians who use computers to create have nice machines, and VCV 2 seems to target these folks. I bought a 2019 iMac not too long ago for a reasonable price, so if you build yourself a gaming-type PC, you’ll likely be able to do it for a good price, and then you can focus on creating instead of numbers and tech. Best of luck! :+1:

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Same here. As with all new software, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there are a few bugs upon launch, but maybe not. Perhaps the reason why it is now the second week of November and we’ve heard nothing so far, is because they’re making certain that the program runs well.

No one could promise it will be bug free on launch but developers are currently testing the Rack 2 plugin and I know bugs have been reported and fixed. From my own testing, while I did find a few bugs, for the most part it is working very well. I get the feeling the release is still some time away yet though - the Fundamental modules are currently undergoing a re-design (as seen on last night’s live stream)

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There was a multi-hour stream by Andrew today, where he worked on Rack 2 and talked about some of the changes.

I must say, I find VCV Rack to be an incredibly stable application. I’ve been running it for 2 years now on an ancient 3rd gen I5. Bottom shelf graphics card. And have never had any hiccups. Obviously I cant create monster patches. But it’s perfect for my needs. I do plan to upgrade soon though.